MVE Biological Solutions US, LLC.

Stainless steel cryogenic freezers,
aluminum dewars.

Vitrolife GmbH

OCTAX Laser and imaging systems
Log & Guard system

Vitrolife A/S

EmbryoScope time-lapse systems

Labotect Labor-Technik Göttingen GmbH

CO2 box, benchtop and transport incubators, Aspirator 3 follicle aspiration pump, heating blocks and disposable devices for assisted reproduction.

Microptic S.L.
Automatic diagnostic systems

SCA Scope and sperm class analyzer CASA systems, accessories and diagnostic kits for sperm analysis

Narishige International Limited

Micromanipulators for human IVF procedures.

CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions

K-Systems workstations, incubators and accessories
RI micromanipulators
CODA air filtering systems and filters
Measuring equipment

Binder GmbH

CO2 incubators, heating chambers, ultra-low temperature freezers.

Planer Ltd.

Cryogenic controlled rate freezers, benchtop incubators, monitoring and alarm systems, storage and sample management.

Chart Ferox, Inc.

Liquid nitrogen supply cylinders.

Minitüb GmbH

Heating systems for microscopes, plastic cassettes for cryostorage, products for assisted animal reproduction.