• Services according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Installations
  • IQOQPQ validation
  • Technical staff regularly trained by manufacturers
  • Manufacturers’ continuous support
  • Regularly maintained and calibrated measuring instrumentation
  • Parts and consumables storage
  • Preventative maintenances for devices’ safe operation
  • Warranty and non-warranty services

Technical support

  • Technical counselling for new investments or renewals
  • Technical counselling on equipment operation
  • Trainings on handling of equipment
  • Online counselling

Professional support

  • Counselling on applied technologies and procedures
  • Failure investigation and problem solving
  • Online and personal trainings, workshops
  • Counselling and training on laboratory and biological procedures
  • Counselling and training for product trials

After sales support

  • Counselling about obsolate products
  • Warranty support after installations
  • Assistance in innovations, changeovers or updates
  • Product documentation support
  • Online and phone assistance

Service request

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